snow making machine

08 Jan.,2021


The components of the artificial snowmaking machine: mainly composed of nozzles, water distribution manifolds, fan motors, compressors, snow core nuclear devices, manual/automatic head swinging devices, manual tilting devices and electrical controls.

Artificial snowmaking performance: long range, large amount of snowmaking, excellent snow quality, delicate snow sculpture, long storage period.

The introduction of the artificial snow machine: The snow gun barrel with a diameter of 2600*2100mm is equipped with off-road wheels that can move easily and freely. The tires are slightly wider and more stable.

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Snow making machine parameters:

The nozzle adopts international standard technology for atomization effect

2 High-strength aluminum alloy precision forging of nozzle

Multi-nozzle design (300-360 water nozzles, 20 nuclear nozzles)

4 Scientific nozzle structure design can achieve a reasonable snow state

5 Snow-making conditions are not affected by the weather (0 degrees-minus 40 degrees)

6 The dry snow produced is of high quality and can be maintained for a long time

7 Snow spray distance (above 100m)

8 360° rotation, pitch angle adjustment, automatic head swing 45°, large laying area, saving manpower

9 Low energy consumption, small size, and less environmental pollution

10 Durable and high value in use