Principles and advantages of dry mist suppression

12 Jan.,2021


    The dry mist dust suppression system is a system where compressed air and water are mixed to the water vapor atomization nozzle according to the water-air ratio, and the spring of the water vapor atomization nozzle is accelerated by the compressed air, and the water is sucked into the acceleration shock chamber of the water vapor atomization nozzle Carry out crushing, and use the accelerated gas to spray the crushed water mist particles from the nozzle to the dust point to achieve the purpose of dust suppression. 

    Cangzhou Blue Ocean Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on micron-level dry fog and dust suppression system solutions, serving many large domestic thermal power plants, mining enterprises and large energy groups. Due to the excellent product quality and the outstanding effects of dust suppression technology, it is favored by customers. The customers who have worked with us have reached a long-term cooperation agreement with us.

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1. No suction and exhaust pipes, no dust (sewage) system, low overall investment

2. The degree of automation is high, and the self-developed central centralized control system is the first in China to realize unattended operation

3. It can be used with various types of nozzles, and the dust suppression rate is as high as 98%

4. The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is remarkable, which is 85%-90% and saves water 70%-85% compared to the general wet power dust collector node.

5. The dust control effect is ideal, and it can fully realize the on-site dust point ≤4mg/m³, the post dust concentration ≤2mg/m³, no secondary pollution, and truly achieve "zero emission"

6. Low operating cost and simple equipment maintenance