LHW-100 large dust sprayer atomizing fog cannon

07 Jan.,2021

LHW-100 large dust sprayer atomizing fog cannon


The product has strong wind power, high range (far) and good penetrability. It can achieve precise spray and fine particles, and can quickly reduce the dust in the mine yard. It has high efficiency and fast speed, and its coverage area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.

1.Domestic high quality diesel generator set is adopted, which is stable, reliable and safe;

2. The angle of the sprayer and the horizontal rotation angle can be controlled at will. The spray can be operated along the side and can also be operated remotely (inside the cab).

3. The water tank of the sprayer can be set up at 1-10 tons, which fully solves the trouble of adding water every time.

4. The supporting power is flexible, which can be supplied by either three-phase 380V power supply or generator set;

5. It can be fixed on the platform, and can also be installed on various light trucks and tractors;


Product Parameters

Horizontal range (m) 100
Horizontal rotation (degree) 0-340°
Pitch angle (degrees)-10~+45°
Maximum coverage area (M2)70000
Flow (T / h) 15
Working pressure (MPA)2.5-4.5
Fog spectrum range (UM)50-200μm
Equipment type mobile / fixed
protection level IP55
Power  (kw)72.05KW
Ambient temperature-30℃~50℃
Control modemanual / remote control