High pressure micro mist dust suppression system

08 Jan.,2021


For the spray dust removal system, what everyone thinks of is that it has a dust suppression function. After the water is atomized by the blue ocean high-pressure spray system, a larger area can be sprayed, and the hovering time of the water mist is prolonged, which can absorb dust particles in the air, which is equivalent to filtering the primary air, thereby effectively improving the dust problem. Troubled.

In fact, the spray dust removal system has the function of reducing dust and dust. The newly launched spray system of Cangzhou Lanhai Environmental Protection has many functions such as humidification and moisturizing, lowering temperature, preventing static electricity, and removing odors. You can enjoy the price of purchasing Cangzhou Lanhai environmental protection machines. Different functions of multiple machines. Due to the uniform spraying of a large number of fine water mist particles into the air, the air humidity can be increased, and the temperature can also be reduced in summer. At the same time, the water mist particles are rich in a large number of negative oxygen ions, which can increase the freshness of the air and make breathing into the human body healthier.

Our multifunctional spray dust removal system

1. Industrial and agricultural production: it has the functions of cooling, landscaping, humidification, dust prevention, anti-static, deodorization, disinfection, and mosquito repellent.

2. Food industry: humidification, cooling, cleaning, moisturizing

3. Textile fiber industry: humidification, anti-static, reducing disconnection, cooling, disinfection, extension, spreading, moisture regain, maintenance, etc.

4. Environmental protection and sanitation industry: sanitation and disinfection, deodorization of garbage treatment plants, humidity control, dust removal, cooling, etc.

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