High pressre micro fog spray for dust removal in coal site and crushing plant

18 Jan.,2021

High pressure micro misting system for workshop dust removal



 The water source is purified by the water purification system and then pressurized by the high pressure unit ,then the high-pressure terminal is used to reach the spray terminal / nozzle. The water vapor is ejected through the small hole under pressure, and the pressure potential energy is transferred to the kinetic energy, thus achieving higher flow velocity relative to the surrounding gas. Atomizing the liquid through the strong shearing action between the gas and liquid, setting the parameters of the computer remote control system, setting the running time of the spray system, and The flow of the system is controlled by a solenoid valve.

Application of mist spray dust reduction in stacking workshop:


Work Flow Diagram:




1.Cooling and humidifying

When the temperature reaches above 30 C, after spraying for 15 minutes, the temperature of the spray cooling device will be reduced by 4 degrees Celsius in the range of 3 meters, and the body temperature will be reduced by about 6 degrees Celsius.

2.Reduce static electricity

When the temperature of the atmosphere is high (22-40 ℃) and the relative humidity of the air is 13-24%, it is easy to produce static electricity. Using the spray system to enhance water vapor in the air, it can accelerate the air flow, increase the negative ion content in the air, neutralize the positive ions, and reduce the occurrence of static electricity.

3. Air purification

Reduce the harmful substances in the air, use the fog to let the impurities in the air adhere, and then fall, so as to reduce the air impurities.

4. Humidity control

When the air is especially dry and the temperature is high, the suitable air humidity can be maintained through controllable humidity regulation.