50m special dust removal fog cannon for building

14 Jan.,2021


    The working mechanism of the 50-meter special fog cannon machine for construction is a spiral cutting drum. 

    The spiral drum equipped with picks to complete the comprehensive mining process rotates against the coal wall. 

    The picks are close to and in contact with the coal wall. Compressed by the picks to form a dense core, the pick penetrates into the coal wall, and the dense core further spreads and bears the shearing force. 

    When the pick leaves the coal wall, the dense core is broken into powder to form coal dust. The drum will also grind in the coal wall to produce pulverized coal. In addition, the spiral blades collide and rub against the peeled coal, which causes the coal to be crushed and further generates dust. In addition, the working face is ventilated, the drum rotates, and the air flow formed by the falling coal. Dust will also be generated. These dusts are in the main air flow channel of the working face. They are easily suspended and spread to the downwind side with the wind flow of the working face. Therefore, the spiral cutting drum is the main part of the production of fog guns. The application of the fan is that the water mist sprayed by the spray device is sent to the height of a certain height to achieve the purpose of adsorbing high-altitude dust. Through the action of the working fluid, the odor molecules will be absorbed and differentiated, and then reach the purpose of odor purification.




Total power


Fan power


Water pump power


Water pump pressure



23 pieces,stainless steel

Spray range


Caverage area


Turning degree


Pitching degree

-10 °~ 4

Water consumption


Diameter of water mist partice


Control type

manual/remote control,

Control distance:≤100m