How LED Backlights Change Viewing Experience

18 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Sony TV Backlight Strip industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Playing your favourite game or watching an exciting movie can be fun until your eyes get fatigued due to the high brightness of the screen. And it is where 

TV Sync LED Backlight come in handy. They balance the contrast level and make the situation much more tolerable for your eyes. So, you can enjoy watching or playing for a longer period without any issues like headaches or dizziness.

ISNOW is about to launch the smart TV led backlight with a sync box so that you can sync them with your TV to get a more immersive experience. This write-up will discuss how these immersive light strips can change your viewing experience. Let’s get started.

Playing your favourite game or watching an exciting movie can be fun until your eyes get fatigued due to the high brightness of the screen. And it is where smart TV LED backlight strips come in handy.


What is an LED strip?


You can purchase LED in various forms, depending on the internal or external use and location. An example of these could be the so-called Led Strip or monitor backlight.

It is an innovative, practical, and comfortable system. Those who choose to use the color sync tv backlight can illuminate certain points of the house or an environment in a simplified way compared to any other traditional system.

In addition, the LED strip lights are particularly suited to the modern style. Those who have chosen to adopt such a design can easily opt for these pleasing strips from an aesthetic point of view.

The led strip lights are sold in meters; Normally, they do not exceed 5 meters, but if you need more footage, you can easily buy what you need and then join the ends of the strips.

Contrary to what one might think, it is even possible to cut the strip every 3 LEDs. 

All this allows you to understand how versatile and flexible this system is. It can be modeled to your liking and used to create creative and unique light sources.


Best led strip lights.


As I already mentioned, ISNOW Immersion TV LED Light Stripe is the best ambient light device for a TV.

The ISNOW Immersion TV LED Light Stripe with Sync Box now offers a solution that is a real Ambilight alternative for retrofitting. The ISNOW Immersion TV LED Light Stripe is compatible with 4K/60Hz TV and supports up to 16 million colors. The time delay between the TV picture and the immersive light experience is kept low by working with the ISNOW HDMI Sync Box. In the test, the small latencies didn't bother me and were hardly or not at all noticeable during the playback of the series. The Ambilight effect filled the room and convinced me.

The ISNOW Immersion TV LED light bar receives the information from the HDMI 2.0 Sync Box to let the picture of the favorite series or the console game flow optically into the room. However, the retrofit solution for the Ambilight effect also has its price: ISNOW Immersion TV Multicolor Backlight (99.99 -129.99 dollars).


What Are Immersive LED Light Strips?


These smart LED strip lights create an immersive game experience by adjusting the contrast level and syncing with whatever is playing on the screen. As a result, your eyes will work less to balance the light, and you can watch the screen for longer. 

LED strip lights mainly illuminate the back wall of the TV so that the screen brightness doesn’t seem to float in the darkness. This way, the strain on your eyes is significantly reduced.


ISNOW Introducing Immersion TV LED Light Strip with Sync Box


ISNOW is passionate about creating an immersive gaming atmosphere. They are launching this new series of LED strip lights, TV backlights, wall lights, and light bars to level up the visual effect you enjoy now. 

To create an immersive surrounding for winning, ambient lighting plays a significant role for gamers. ISNOW focuses on that environment, and their Immersion TV LED Light Strip shows millions of colours to match whatever is on the screen. Let’s explore the features of this immersion TV backlight and see how they can benefit you.


Features of Immersion TV Backlight


Here is a quick overview of the features. Take a look.


Light Syncs with the Display in Real Time


As soon as you turn on the TV, these light strips will come on without any delay. So, you will see the light strips sync with the screen without any delay. Every second, the lights and their changes will sync with whatever is playing on the screen. As a result, you can feel every small difference in your game scene through these lights.


This Light Strip Fits Everywhere


You can set up the light bar and strips with most of your favourite game consoles and TV boxes. Setting up the light system is extremely easy. And you can set up a maximum of three devices via HDMI ports. 

The installation is pretty simple, and you can plug in all your devices at the same time so that the sync box automatically picks up the active device. The back of the strip is sticky, so you can easily mount them on the wall or your TV counter.

The light strip will work with everything, whether you have a flat-screen or curved TV. You need to connect the TV using the HDMI port in the sync box. And the light show is about, to begin with, a signal from your fingertips.

The LED TV backlight and the sync box are designed to have a maximum 4K resolution. And you can use any streaming format for your games without losing compatibility.


Changing Lights or Patterns Is a Breeze


Controlling the ISNOW sync box is extremely easy with the TV remote. You can even use the dedicated mobile app or your voice command through Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to turn on or off LED backlights. You can also change their colour and adjust the brightness in these different methods.

If you aren’t satisfied with the built-in colour patterns, you can go further with this feature. Segment control allows you to control the colour changes in every segment of the light beads.


Sync Lights with Music to Enjoy Endless Patterns


The Rhythm music visualizer is an incredible feature to have in backlight games. With this feature, you can sync the light output with any music or games, and the lights will create a musical beat for you to visualize the sound.

The device will automatically adjust the colour and brightness of the LED depending on the beat you are hearing. 

These room LED light strips can produce more than 16 million colours. The saturation and brightness of these colours will be high enough to give you that rich experience you have been looking for.


Lights Match the Vibe on Display


Syncing with the beat is an attractive feature indeed. When some pixels aren’t showing any colour on the TV screen, the intelligent LED light system will capture that and imitate the same field for the backlights. As a result, everything you see behind the TV will be an extended part of the screen.


Why Is ISNOW Immersion TV Backlight Different from Others?


You will find several TV backlights out there. Unlike many, the ISNOW TV backlight has no surrounding camera to detect the colour on display. Instead, the picture data go to the sync box via HDMI cables. The sync box then transmits this data to the LED strip light through algorithm operation. 

As a result, the light output will be more natural and accurate compared to other light strips. And you can enjoy a continuous flow of light. 

This light strip is also lightweight so you can set it up with a light adhesive. When you need to take the strip off, it won’t harm your TV as much as other light strips do.




Bias lighting or TV backlighting is an intelligent way to balance the light source for your eyes. It doesn’t only give an immersive watching experience but also allows you to consume content or play games for longer without any eye issues.

With high-resolution lighting, easy brightness control, and versatile music sync feature, this is the best TV LED backlight you can buy in this price range. It will continue to make your watching experience better for years to come. 


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