Waterproof LED lighting: industrial solutions

24 Mar.,2023


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Waterproof LED lighting: industrial solutions

Which LED lights are waterproof? How can I choose my LED fixture?

The LED products are used in a large number of applications, due to their low energy consumption and their high energy efficiency. Some fixtures available on the market are waterproof or at least water resistant, making them ideal for interior and exterior lighting. To choose the right waterproof LED fixture it is important to check the level of protection of the fixtures. The protection rating is displayed by the letters “IP” (ingress protection) followed by two numbers. The first digit indicates the levels of protection from solid ingress and the second digit represents the level of protection from liquid ingress. The IP Ratings are standardly defined by the IEC standard 60529.

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Anybody looking for a security light wants them to be durable and protected against extremities, whether they are to be situated indoor or outdoor. Mostly designed for outdoor use, some have a higher IP rating than others, which can range from an IP of 44 to 68. The waterproof fixtures can be used indoor and outdoor. Please note that the ideal for outdoor lighting is IP65 (or higher: IP66, IP67) designed against dust and splashing water from all directions.

Which waterproof fixture should I choose for industrial applications?



Industrial facilities require systems that can perform continuously, even in harsh conditions. Indeed, many industrial environments are wet or dusty. Thus, the industrial applications require effective lighting on a large scale, which means that low energy consumption and low maintenance are a must. But the lighting also needs to create a clear, safe and pleasant environment. So, it's utmost using waterproof fixtures for safe and reliable lighting.

  • Warehousing and logistics


Warehouse sheds tend to be high structures, with plenty of height for vertical storage, triple-tier shelving being typical. But the closer your storage gets to the roof, the more lighting you will need.


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  • Manufacturing and work benches


Manufacturing environments involve a variety of different task situations, fixtures must be robust and have a low index of failure. Providing the right kind of light is essential to ensure detailed tasks are completed effectively and that any imperfections are spotted, what is especially important in a quality control environment.


A wide variety of activities are performed in the manufacturing plants and repair shops of the electrical and electronic engineering industry. The work carried out involves tasks, with the lowest visual requirements until the highest: e.g. handling large items with highly contrasting details to very detailed inspection and wiring tasks.


In the automotive industry, for production lines, painting booths and quality control departments, fixtures have to deliver exceptional levels of visual clarity, resulting in an easier and safer environment, and optimal conditions for observation and inspection. The same in the printing industry where sensitive materials, colours, images, fonts and fast-running machines call for reliable visual identification. After all, assessing the quality of print products is largely based on visual inspection.


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  • Food industry


In the food industry, safety isn’t just important, it’s critical. It's required to have fixtures which can resist to the temperature and corrosive fumes. Robust and waterproof fixtures protect lamps from moisture and, as no glass is used in LED bulbs and fixtures, there is no danger of glass breakage or contamination – which also creates a safer environment for staff. Moreover, the reliability and long life of the LED solutions reduce the hassle, risk and cost involved in stopping production to replace lights that have failed prematurely.


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  • Cleanroom


In the pharmaceutical industry, the strict controls are necessary to product integrity, hygiene, safety and security. In that way, hygienic facilities require special IP65, easy-to-clean, dust-free fixtures that meet all lighting requirements and norms. Because of this, maintenance activities can become a risk.


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  • Covered parking


Great lighting is essential to delivering a positive user-experience in any parking garage. A bright and uniform illumination of lighting diminishes shadows and improves visibility, helping people feel safer and drivers more in control. But illuminating them for 24 hours a day is very expensive. The LED products, designed to control light distribution, illuminate large areas and provide a smooth, indirect light to guide people to the door, provide a safe, secure, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your parking garage.


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The fixtures used for outdoor are long-term exposed to the various natural changes in the environment (such as rain, dust, ice-snow, the wind, high-temperature, so on.). So the structural strength, sealing, waterproof, dustproof, heat resistance and anti-aging properties will be considered while choosing the fixtures. Security and safety are vital factors to consider for outdoor areas. Lighting is important for operational reasons like the loading bay and the perimeter security.


Outdoor workplaces are typically found in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in other industries with outdoor processing facilities, in the raw materials, waste management and mining sectors, at construction sites, in the engineering, plant construction and shipbuilding industries as well as in the energy sector and agriculture. Lighting has to address the same task as interior lighting, ensuring visual task performance and health and safety at work.

  • Industrial plants and power facilities


Activities in an industrial setting are often characterised by people working with tools, at machines or in plants. Thus, at chemical and petrochemical plants (refineries, etc.) and onshore or offshore oil and gas production facilities as well as in mining and other areas where explosive atmospheres may be present, one important aspect of workplace lighting is that the (electrical) fixtures selected need to meet the requirements of the relevant explosion protection classes.


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  • Transport, roads and routes


Vehicle transport is part of daily life worldwide. The highly developed countries are covered by a dense network of roads and motorways. For the safety of those using such infrastructures, road and route lighting must conform to specific standards based on the relevant regulations governing lighting for public roads and routes. Special attention needs to be paid to traffic interchanges (e.g. intersections, roundabouts, bridges...) as well as underpasses and tunnels, where lighting installations need to meet very high requirements in terms of lighting characteristics, reliability and maintenance. Depending on geographical location, fixtures may need to withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions outdoors – a fact which must be borne in mind when products are selected.


/ Insert here products: Floodlights (IP65, IP66) + Lamps QL, HPI (but precised a fixture IP65 or IP66 is required to use these lamps) /

  • Construction sites


On large construction sites, work often extends beyond the hours of daylight. In civil engineering projects, it is highly undesirable for parts of lighting systems (such as supporting structures, masts, overhead/underground cables and distribution cabinets) to be scattered around the site. For the operator, the entire working area (horizontal and vertical) should be illuminated so that loads are clearly visible at the full working height. The preferred solution here is flood lighting from points outside the site, although supplementary local lighting may also be needed for building pits, dam structures or other areas which cannot be properly illuminated by the floodlights. Warning lights are also essential to identify hazardous areas.


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