Dielectric Dead-end for ADSS Cables

09 Mar.,2023


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Dead-end Guy Grips are designed for use on Transmission, Antenna, Communications, and other types of guyed structures that require use of large guy strand.

As a dielectric Dead-end designed to terminate short span, light ADSS fiber optic cables, performed dead-end guy grip is usually used in low voltage environments. The product effectively transfers the low axial load on the cable at the end of the Dead-end legs to low uniform radial compression near the Dead-end loop.

Made from material which is compatible with the strand they are designed to be used with except where noted otherwise.


Dead-end for Short Span ADSS Cable

ADSS Optical cable strain clamp with small tension adopts aluminum clad steel wire or galvanized steel wire, which is mainly used in optical cable connection of strain tower, corner tower, middle connecting tower and terminal tower with distance not over 100m.

  • Intended for single use but may be reapplied twice for retensioning within 90 days on initial installation.
  • Rated at 100% of the strand’s published rated breaking strength.
  • Intended for single use but can be reinstalled twice within 90 days.



  • Perfect corrosion resistance:
  • Easy installation: One man does not need any special tools to complete the installation.
  • Compared with the traditional fittings with uniform force, no stress concentration and good vibration performance.



Part No. Applicable Cable diameter Φ L Applicable to the distance between products(m) product weight Colour MM MM M KG CWGUYO-50-10.6/11.6 10.6-11.6 48MM/38MM 500 50 0.25 Blue CWGUYO-50-11.7/12.8 11.7-12.8 Green CWGUYO-50-12.9/14.1 12.9-14.1 Red CWGUYO-50-14.2/15.6 14.2-15.6 Yellow CWGUYO-50-15.7/17.3 15.7-17.3 Black CWGUYO-50-17.4/19.1 17.4-19.1 Orange



Part No. Available Dia.Of Cable Lenght Of Dead-end Component Ref.Weight MM MM KG CWGUY096105084 9.0-9.5 840 0.5 CWGUY106116091 9.6-10.5 840 0.5 CWGUY117128095 10.6-11.6 910 0.5 CWGUY117128095 11.7-12.8 950 0.7 CWGUY142156115 12.9-14.1 1070 0.8 CWGUY15717115 14.2-15.6 1150 1.2 CWGUY15717115 15.7-17.0 1150 1.2

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