What is the Difference Between a Geotextile and a Geomembrane Liner?

16 Mar.,2023


A geotextile and Geomembrane Liner are both synthetic textile materials that can be used for a wide range of construction applications. While both types have a physical makeup consisting of the same materials, they are used in completely different ways.

What is the Difference Between Geotextile and Geomembrane?

Geosynthetics is the word used to describe a wide range of polymeric materials for civil engineering purposes. They compose some of the most versatile materials in-ground and construction modification.

Geotextiles describe a wide range of materials that are like traditional textiles. These materials are made of synthetic fibers as opposed to natural fibers like wool or cotton, making them less susceptible to biodegradation. These textiles are lightweight and can be unwoven, knitted, or can be bonded with heat, resin, or a combination. This crafting allows water to pass through to varying degrees, depending on the textile.

Geomembranes are geosynthetics made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), meaning the fibers are tightly woven. These materials are typically highly waterproof, weatherproof, and durable, making them suitable for the most heavy-duty applications.

Uses for Geotextile and Geomembrane Liners

Both geotextiles and geomembranes are used in groundwork for civil engineering but otherwise have profusely different uses. Geotextiles, because of their porousness, are applicable for in-ground drainage, erosion control, a stress-relieving interlayer for pavement, a base layer for grainy material, filtration, and many more uses.

Geomembranes, because of their durability and waterproofness, are applicable as landfill liners to protect the groundwater from being contaminated, cap and closure for landfills, pond, bioswale, and canal liners, foundation wall liners, hydroponics liners, remediation containment, and for many other uses.

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Best Geosynthetic Liners


Americover’s Geomembranes are specially formulated to perform in applications that will have extended exposure to outdoor conditions. HDPE is custom fabricated to size and specifications. Custom Fabricated HDPE Geomembrane Liner, Custom Fabricated Polypropylene Geomembrane Liner, or Hydraflex™ H-Series are suitable for various applications for geomembrane liners. 



Enka® products provide civil engineers, builders, and manufacturers with easy-to-install solutions for erosion control, drainage and moisture control, soil reinforcement, noise reduction, radon mitigation, and more.



Custom Fabricated Non-woven Geotextile Fabrics

Non-woven geotextile fabric fibers are either mechanically entangled with barbed needles or spun onto a collecting belt and bonded with heat to be used for filtration and separation or as an overlay.



Delta®-Drain Drainboard

Delta®-Drain is a drainage board used in waterproofing applications to allow water to flow away from the building foundation.



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