Prestressed Concrete Wire Manufacturer In India

08 Mar.,2023


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Prestressed Concrete Wire

PC Wire Manufacturer in India.

Plain hard drawn steel wire for pre-stressed concrete for home pipes as drawn per IS : 1785 (Part 2)




1715 N/mm



Reverse Bend

Min. 3 Bends

% Elongation

Mn 3.0% at 200mm Gauge length

Proof Stress

131.25 wt/mm


IS 1785

  • Close combination of high strength and ductility

  • Consistency of physical properties

  • Uniform and appropriate surface finish

  • Pole reinforcement

  • Prestressed Concrete pipes

  • Railway Sleepers

to use Ginger

Limited mode



to use Ginger

Limited mode



Prestressed Concrete Wire

Product Description

High Tensile Wire for pre-stresses in concrete structure by virtue of improved proportional limit, higher ductility combined with higher strengths. They are supplied in drawn condition.

They can also be supplied in plain or indented finish. Systematic manufactures PC Wire keeping in mind different international standards and specific requirement of each customer.

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