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10 Mar.,2023


Do you need 40ft expandable container house solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Aug. 31, 2018

Container home is more and more popular in our life, its convenient  and quick assemble,its short time for building,all of the advantages is adopted by more and more place in the world. Container home have all of normal building functions, such as living room , bedroom, kitchen room and bath room etc Container home can be supplied funny and and space for living.

Shipping containers stacked up on each other were getting a lot of attention at Logan and Breckinridge Streets. It’s going to be a shipping container home.

What if you had the option to move into a home that was affordable, safe and innovative? Would you do it?

Now ask yourself - what if that house was a shipping container? It's an alternative to your typical wood built homes and one is going up in Louisville's Smoketown neighborhood.

It's being built near Logan and East Breckinridge Street. The finished product is not done yet. Construction recently started.  Flipping shipping containers into homes is happening around the country. A few years ago, the idea was talked about in the Louisville area and it's finally taking shape.

The shipping container home has been set to go right next door to Marcus Munford.

"It used to be an empty lot," Munford said. "It's different. I've never seen anything like it."

"They are air tight, water tight," Richard Ronald of RJ Ronald Creative Design and Construction said. "Virtually indestructible, 9.5 feet tall, 8 feet wide, 40 feet long. We put together four of them. It makes a 1280 square foot residence."

There are many different style of container home can be designed and made in worldwide by our company WZH. Such as two sets 40ft shipping container home can be connected to one big room for two bedrooms and one bathroom; one single 40ft shipping container home can be design one bedroom and one bathroom; two storey of shipping container home with outside stairs that will be have good views for people.The colorful shipping container home appearance will be let you life more funny.

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