Coil Coating

22 Aug.,2022


Coating Coils

In coil coating, an organic coating is applied to the surface of a metal strip in a continuous process. 

The HUEHOCO portfolio includes both decorative and weather-resistant coatings as well as system solutions for a firm bonding of the metal strip with various rubber compounds and/or various plastics. For technical applications, there are also high-temperature resistant and non-stick as well as anti-friction systems, directly rubber- or plastic-coated metal strips.

Since 1989 we have been the first company in the world to offer our customers the opportunity to have their goods delivered "endlessly" wound with more than 200,000 metres in a single strip on metal or plastic spools.

Depending on our customers' requirements, we can process all wrought aluminium alloys, stainless steels, steel grades and non-ferrous metals available on the market in various degrees of hardness.