TA101- An Ideal Course to Understand Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis or in short TA is a popular psychological theory originate by late Eric Berne as study of behavior, personality theory, and communication model. After Dr. Berne, many people tried to discover and refine the various concepts. The starting three ego states- Parent, Adult, and Child have been sub-divided into 9 new element models. Parent stage is categorized as Normative and Nurturing Parent with positive and negative points. The

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Positive Changes in Bangalore Escorts Due to the Proximity of the IT Industry

Along with the technological development in the city, Bangalore escort has been received an increasing attention across the globe. Keeping pace with the modernity and advancement of information technology, Bangalore escorts service has received a significant growth. Online chatting, video calling and direct mailing option have made the Bangalore escort industry better and faster. Now escort service seekers can easily indulge in dating and playing wild games with the escorts

Pune escorts, Escorts in pune: Anuskamehta

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Evolutions in Kolkata Escort Service

Kolkata escort service started with the sole purpose of accompanying people. It emerged as a service to help people looking for someone to forget the weariness of a long trip. As Kolkata escort service became successful in meeting the sole purpose, it got appreciation and recognition on behalf of high-class and high middle-class people. Gradually its sphere was widened. It started covering more areas. It became highly useful for the

Mumbai Escort Service: A Critical Analysis

Mumbai, the Iconic gateway of India, has welcomed many foreign technologies, hypothesis, formulae, models, and cultures to help India achieve the soul goal of transforming it from a developing country to a developed country. Already various cultures from different countries have made India a secular country of cosmopolitan cultures. Here each person enjoys the equal right to celebrate an event in his or her own ways. Here everybody can enjoy

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People have always needed an escort for entertainment and enjoyment. If we go in history, we will find that use of escort was prevalent in ancient times and it was a symbol of prosperity, courage and luxury. Kings, landlords and businessman used to keep escorts. Escorts were known by different names like Devdasi, Nagarvadhu, but there work was same as of escorts today. Escort services isn’t something new, it is

Why Escorts in Kolkata are Popular?

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