Wood Paint

12 Jan.,2021

Wood Paint is Mainly Divided into Furniture Paint and Floor Paint.


Wood paint is mainly divided into furniture paint and floor paint.


1. Nitro paint: there are two kinds of nitro varnish and nitro solid paint. Nitro varnish is used for transparent coating of indoor furniture, and nitro solid paint is used for opaque coating. It is through the evaporation of solvent drying film, characterized by fast drying, high hardness, wear resistance, water resistance, but the construction process is complex, heat resistance, cold resistance, alkali resistance is not high.


2. Alkyd paint: mainly used for painting interior doors and windows, medium furniture. It is characterized by good gloss, adhesion, durability and insulation, but it is not suitable for external use because of its soft film, slow drying speed, water resistance and heat resistance, and can not be polished.

 Wood Paint

3. Polyurethane resin paint: mainly used for floor paint, high-grade furniture, piano surface coating. It is characterized by bright film, good wear resistance, strong adhesion, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, cold resistance and high hardness. The disadvantages are slow drying, poor light and color retention. Polyurethane varnish and polyurethane solid color paint are commonly used.


4. Polyester paint: mainly used for surface coating of high-grade furniture, piano and sewing machine table. It is characterized by thick film, high gloss, light retention and transparency, fully showing wood grain, high hardness, wear resistance, light retention and moisture retention, and high heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and temperature denaturation resistance. It is not easy to bear the impact because of the heavy adhesion.


5. Acrylic resin paint: is a high-grade wood paint, adding fluorescent pigment can make high gloss paint. It is characterized by light color, good color retention, UV resistance, good heat resistance, bright and hard paint film, strong adhesion and convenient construction. The disadvantage is that the film is brittle and the cold resistance is poor.