What are the Product Effects of Fuel Additive?

13 Jan.,2021

​As a Polyetheramine Wholesalers, share with you.


As a HPMC, share with you.

1. Remove carbon deposits and clean the fuel system;

The new generation of fuel additives has a clean activation factor that can promote harmful substances such as colloidal substances in the fuel and engine carbon deposits. After adding fuel additives for 5 consecutive times, the carbon deposits on the exhaust pipe are significantly reduced, and the filter, exhaust gas, The fuel system is very clean.

Fuel Additive

Fuel Additive

2. Enhance power performance;

The nano-components in the new generation of fuel additives can absorb and wrap colloidal substances, and produce gaseous "micro-explosions" in the combustion chamber under the action of high temperature, which causes the fuel to be atomized twice, triggers complete combustion, and improves engine power. After more than 90% of vehicles use fuel additives for the first time, they clearly feel the power has increased. Especially when the car is weak, old, loaded, and traveling far, it feels more obvious.

3. Improve atomization and save fuel;

The new generation of fuel additives rely on nano-molecular materials to directly attack the long-chain carbon bonds in the oil molecules, creating a "micro-explosion" in the fuel chamber, causing the fuel to be atomized twice, triggering complete combustion, improving thermal efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. The actual vehicle comparison test of fuel additives can save 10-18% fuel. Especially for long-distance high-speed driving, it is more economical than usual and can be intuitively felt.

4. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, lubrication, protect the engine;

A new generation of fuel additives, organic nano-molecules and cleaning activation factor, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, demulsification and other more than 10 materials. In view of the development of harmful components such as sulfur, colloids and engine carbon deposits in oil, the fuel additives in the new generation of fuel additives also have the functions of anti-oxidation, cleaning, dispersion, demulsification, corrosion protection, and lubrication.

5. Reduce noise, reduce wear and extend engine life;

Excessive engine noise is not only due to poor sealing of the car, but also due to impurities such as carbon deposits and sludge inside the engine that accelerate the wear of the engine. The cleaning, anti-oxidation, lubrication and other functions of the new generation of fuel additives can greatly improve this phenomenon. The removal of carbon deposits and gums can significantly reduce engine wear, thereby reducing engine noise and extending engine life.

6. Eliminate black smoke and reduce emissions.

Due to poor atomization and incomplete combustion of the oil, a large amount of black smoke is formed. Fuel additives can effectively reduce the activation energy of combustion and improve the efficiency of atomization, so that the incombustible gums in the oil can also be fully burned, so as to eliminate the black smoke. The effect of reducing emissions. After five consecutive additions, the black smoke can be found to be significantly reduced or even completely eliminated.

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