Automobile Painting

12 Jan.,2021

People depend on their clothes and horses on their saddles. We can see how important appearance is to people.


People depend on their clothes and horses on their saddles. We can see how important appearance is to people. This makes us have to think of the car. A car with a bright appearance is really eye-catching. The paint gives the car an eye-catching appearance and improves the value of the car. Its excellent protective performance also extends the service life of the car. As the car paint contains organic components, it will be oxidized, weathered and deteriorated. As a means of transportation, long-term exposure to the sun and wind will soon make it lose its original luster and reduce its protective function. Therefore, if you want to make the car look permanent, you really need the careful care of the car owners.


According to experts from Great Wall lubricating oil automobile maintenance center, automobile painting is composed of primer, intermediate coating and topcoat. Automotive topcoat is divided into two categories, namely, natural color paint (commonly known as plain paint) and metallic flash paint (commonly known as metallic paint), accounting for roughly half of each. In recent years, the metallic paint series has developed rapidly in the direction of high transparency and color depth.

 Automobile Painting

From the color point of view, in general, milky white or fruit color are ordinary paint, and black, silver and other colors are mixed with metal materials, the color is brighter, and the adhesion is stronger. Now Audi and Mercedes Benz are using nanotechnology paint. The gap between paint molecules is smaller, so the effect is better.


Automotive topcoats are mostly composed of film-forming materials (resins), pigments (including physical pigments), solvents and additives. Pigment is the material of topcoat color, which will not volatilize, and it gives the covering ability of paint; film-forming material is the material that determines the type of paint, which is generally composed of natural resin or artificial resin. Its function is to keep the pigment bright, make it strong and durable, and adhere to the surface of car body; solvent is the component that is easy to volatilize in paint, and its main function is to fully dissolve the paint The resin in the film can make the paint smear normally; the proportion of additives in the paint is generally not more than 5%, which plays the role of accelerating drying and enhancing gloss, and can improve the chemical resistance of car paint.