What are the Applications of HPMC in the Food Industry?

08 Jan.,2021

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Food industry

1. Canned citrus: prevent whitening and deterioration due to the decomposition of citrus glycosides during storage to achieve freshness preservation.

2. Cold fruit products: add in sherbet, ice, etc. to make the taste better.

3. Sauce: used as an emulsification stabilizer or thickener for sauces and ketchup.

4. Cold water coating and glazing: used for frozen fish storage to prevent discoloration and quality degradation. After coating and glazing with methyl cellulose or hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose aqueous solution, freeze it on ice.

5. Tablet binder: As a molding binder for tablets and granules, it has good cohesion and collapse properties (rapidly melts and disperses when taking it).

High Viscosity Powder HPMC

High Viscosity Powder HPMC

Pharmaceutical industry

1. Coating: The coating agent is made into an organic solvent solution or aqueous solution for administration tablets, especially for spray coating the prepared particles.

2. Relief agent: 2-3 grams per day, 1-2G each time, showing the effect in 4-5 days.

3. Eye drops: Since the osmotic pressure of the methyl cellulose aqueous solution is the same as tears, it is less irritating to the eyes. It is added to the eye drops as a lubricant to contact the eye lens.

4. Jelly: as a base material for jelly-like external medicine or ointment.

5. Impregnating agent: as a thickening agent and water retaining agent.

Kiln Industry

1. Electronic materials: as a binder for extrusion molding of ceramic electric seals and ferrite bauxite magnets, it can be used together with 1.2-propylene glycol.

2. Glaze: It can be used as a glaze for ceramics and in combination with enamel, which can improve the adhesion and processability.

3. Refractory mortar: added to refractory brick mortar or casting furnace materials to improve plasticity and water retention.

Other industries

1. Fiber: Used as a printing dye paste for pigments, boron soil dyes, basic dyes, textile dyes, in addition, it can be used together with thermosetting resins in the corrugated processing of kapok.

2. Paper: used for the leather surface glue and oil-resistant processing of carbon paper.

3. Leather: Used as a final lubrication or disposable adhesive.

4. Water-based ink: It is added to water-based ink and ink as a thickener and film-forming agent.

5. Tobacco: As a binder for regenerated tobacco.

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