Automobile Engineering in Chennai

What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Engineering is the branch of Mechanical Engineering. It offers specializations in Vehicle designing, testing, repairing and assembling. The Automobile industry in India involves in the sale of cars, buses, tractors, two-wheelers, three-wheelers as well as trucks. The Automobile Engineering has witnessed a great improvement over the last few years and a continuous boom even today. India was the fourth largest automobile exporter in Asia last year. As per the Automotive Mission Plan 2006-2016, India is a favorite destination for international auto-makers. Due to this, there is a new outlook of job opportunities for engineers.

Job opportunities:

Automobile Engineering Colleges in Chennai provides a wide variety of opportunities for fresher’s, based on their degree like automobile, mechanical, production and electrical. Mostly, this field offers a variety of jobs in different sectors like manufacturing, research, and development, sales and services, designs etc. The Automobile Engineers will have a high salary package when compared to the engineers of other fields.


Research and Development:

The Automotive industry requires much investment in R&D and design and development of new products. Investments are imperative for innovations and crucial for retaining competitiveness. Thus, more attention to be paid to research and development sector in India. The industry is emphasizing on inventing new designs and products at an increased rate. Automobile Companies are searching for fresh talents and ideas. The product improvement is one of the focused areas of growth. It involves in emission control, power unit research, testing, vehicle submission, and prototype validation.

Usually, the postgraduate engineers in Automobile Engineering from the Best Engineering Colleges in Chennai are absorbed into R&D activities. The Post Graduate Engineers from the other fields like mechanical and civil also have the career opportunities in this field. It involves in the development of new products, improvement of existing products, processes the focus area in research centers. Automobile industry offers flexibility and immense scope for new entrants.


Major competitors in the industry focus on Plant process improvement. Job seekers focus on Supply chain Management that deals with optimizing the value chains and logistics. The candidates will work in the different level of production unit based on the experience and qualifications. Freshers are engaged to work in the fields like supply chain management, robotics as per their aptitude and specializations. In the manufacturing sector, one should handle the operations like quality control, material handling, and procurement.




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