Do you Know About Airport Fence?

14 Jan.,2021

‚ÄčAs an Airport Fence Supplier, share with you.


As an Tru-Flate 1/4, share with you.

The airport fence, also known as "Y-shaped security defensive net", is composed of a V-shaped bracket column reinforced welded sheet net, a security anti-theft connector and a hot-dip galvanized razor barbed wire with a high level of strength and security defense. It is widely used in high security places such as airports and military bases. The airport fence products are all hot-dip galvanized, using high-quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying, using the internationally popular RAL color.

Airport Security Fence

Airport Security Fence

Features: If razor wire and razor wire are added to the top of the airport fence, the safety protection performance is very well enhanced. It adopts anti-corrosion forms such as electroplating, hot-dipping, spraying, dipping, etc. It has good anti-aging, sun-proof, weather-proof characteristics. Its products are beautiful in appearance and diverse in design and color, which not only play the role of fence but also beautify. Due to its high security and good anti-climbing ability, the mesh connection method adopts special SBS fasteners to effectively prevent man-made destructive disassembly. Four horizontal bending stiffeners significantly increase the strength of the mesh surface.


1. It has the characteristics of beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and installation.

2. The terrain is highly adaptable, and the connection position with the column can be adjusted up and down with the ups and downs of the ground;

3. The horizontal installation of four bend stiffeners on the airport fence net not only increases the overall cost but also significantly increases the strength and beauty of the net surface, it is currently one of the most popular at home and abroad.

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