Antrix Crosses Half Century Mark and is On the Way to Reaching Century Mark in Commercial Satellite Launch

Antrix the commercial wing of ISRO has now crossed the half century mark in the field of commercial satellites launch and is making solid strides towards reaching the century mark. The day is not far away when the commercial wing of ISRO will be reaching that landmark and setting an example before the entire world.


Affordability of Satellites Launch Services

Satellites launch services by Antrix has become extremely popular across the globe. One of the major reasons for this is that the services offered by the commercial wing of ISRO is extremely economic and affordable and the launch services costs less than half of the prices charged by other service providers. This has inspired global clients to opt largely for the launch services of satellites offered by Antrix.


Quality Satellites Launch Services by Antrix

Another reason for the resounding success achieved by the commercial wing of ISRO at international levels is the quality of its launching services. Whether it is the PSLV launching services or GSLV launch services the service provider has proved its worth with successful launching of the same with minimal failure rates in the process.


Big Success in Recent Times

In fact; Antrix has achieved some big successes in recent times.  Successful launch of the PSLV-C30 that has been carrying six foreign customer satellites added additional feathered to already feathered cap of the leading satellite launching service of the world. The launching included 4 nano satellites from United States and one each from Canada and Indonesia. During this launching the multi-wavelength astronomical observatory or ASTROSAT was also launched. With this Antrix and ISRO crossed the 50 international satellites launching


Crossing the 50 Mark in International Level

With the above launching of satellites, Antrix has crossed the 40 mark in commercial international satellite launching field. Overall the organization has launched 84 satellites so far and of them 51 is for the international customers. All these have been launched using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV by the commercial wing of ISRO. These launch vehicles were designed to launch the remote sensing satellites developed by India into the polar sun synchronous orbits. But the vehicle has been able to successfully launch a number of commercial satellites in different orbits. It also proved successful in launching Geosynchronous transfer as well as launching satellites to low earth orbits establishing the usefulness of the launching system.


PSLV Launch Service of ISRO

ISRO offers the launching services to international clients using the PSLV and entered in the commercial satellite launching domain by launching the KITSAT-3 for the republic of Korea as well as the DLR-TUBSAT for Germany on the 26th day of May 1999 and since then has not looked back. The story thereafter has been a march from one success to another. So far Antrix has launched satellites for as many as 20 countries including some of the advanced economies of the world.


Incorporated in 1992, Antrix under ISRO has planned to expand its commercial satellites launch services with GSLV like it has been doing with PSLV.

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