Vegetables You Should Absolutely Never Buy Frozen

21 Sep.,2022


frozen mixed peppers

Vegetables You Should Absolutely Never Buy Frozen

Frozen vegetables may get a bad rap, but the truth is that most of the time, they're actually quite nutritious. Vegetables are often frozen at the peak of freshness, helping seal that flavor and nutrition in. Therefore, frozen veggies can be even healthier for you than the more-expensive organic veggies that you're buying from the produce section. Who knew you could actually get healthier food for cheaper if you were just willing to peruse the frozen vegetable aisle?

All that is great information, but many people prefer not to buy frozen vegetables because of the way they taste or the kind of texture they have. We certainly can't blame you for that. In fact, we think that there are some veggies that you should just leave out of the mix if you're planning on buying some of your produce frozen, largely because the frozen version just doesn't taste as good as the fresh stuff. Also, Harvard Medical School reports that some frozen vegetables might have slightly lower levels of nutrients than their fresh counterparts. That's something to keep in mind when you're shopping for your week's veggies.

Which ones are worth leaving in the freezer section and out of your cart? Keep reading to find out which vegetables you should absolutely never buy frozen, and make sure you avoid them the next time you're exploring the frozen section at your local grocery store. Head to the produce section or a farmer's market instead. You'll be glad you did.