How To Choose Basketball Equipment Suitable for Children?

08 Jan.,2021

Basketball has always been a popular sport among children, and more and more children are choosing to learn basketball.


Basketball has always been a popular sport among children, and more and more children are choosing to learn basketball. Parents often ask questions about children’s basketball equipment. Today, the Bagging techniques will take us to learn more about how to choose suitable basketball equipment for children!

Why do young people need professional basketball equipment?

Some parents think that if the child is still young, it is just fine to play, and it will not be so easily injured. Therefore, children often wear inappropriate shoes and clothing to play basketball, which just increases the chance of injury. There are also parents who think that they should be given professional basketball shoes/jerseys/balls when they are older. In fact, a suitable Youth Basketball Uniforms can improve a child's performance in sports, thereby enhancing his/her self-confidence and allowing the child to enjoy basketball more fun.

Basketball Uniform

Basketball Uniform

Basketball shoes

Teenagers wear walking shoes, running shoes, outdoor shoes, fitness shoes, etc. to play basketball:

1.These shoes are usually made to meet daily needs. The uppers are made of thinner and softer materials. They cannot provide protection for the instep during basketball. If stepped on, the upper cannot provide sufficient cushioning and protection to the instep, resulting in the instep. Stepped on

2. Considering that the feet of teenagers are not fully developed, some materials such as shoe uppers and toe caps will be relatively soft. However, such shoes cannot protect the toes and ankles of teenagers when playing basketball. It is prone to toes being injured by hard objects or The condition of the feet;

3. Outdoor shoes for children/teenagers take into account the use of the venue, usually in order to wear resistance, the sole is made of a large piece of thick non-marking rubber, which increases the weight of the shoe body, and the shock absorption is often completed by simple insoles, which cannot meet the needs of basketball. Cushioning of feet, knees and body.

Although the youth basketball shoes are technically different from the adult models, comprehensive and basic protection is essential, such as:

1.The basic heel and upper lining are thickened, and the heel is made of strong material;

2. The upper is made of lightweight, breathable, and high-strength synthetic materials;

3. The toe part is specially thickened and breathable;

4. Hard plastic sheets/strips on both sides of the shoe body give better support;

5. A more stable and safe strapping system;

6. The basic EVA cushioning material of the midsole;

The texture of the outsole increases the grip and the special design for the finger bones that are particularly prone to wear, etc.

Basketball clothes

Whether it is a vest or short sleeve, considering the nature of basketball, it is recommended to choose a well-fitting Basketball Uniform. The main purpose is to facilitate the clothing or other parts of the clothing to interfere with the movement during the exercise, and it can also effectively avoid the inevitably pulling and damaging the clothing or causing physical injury during the confrontation.

Protective gear and sports socks

Although protective gear is not a necessary choice in basketball equipment, considering that the limbs of adolescents are still in the developmental stage, knee and elbow pads can be selectively worn to reduce the injury to the limbs when they fall.

When exercising, choose to wear chemical fiber socks. Although cotton socks are comfortable, they are not easy to dry after a lot of sweating and friction, and the wear rate is high. Choosing professional socks made of chemical fiber can strengthen your feet. The protection (most of the stockings have a tight-fitting effect), promote blood circulation and improve muscle strength.